Titano bookshelf

titano bookshelves cover


Modular bookcase storage system with 3 cm thick shell.

Bookcases with open compartments in Italian melamine show its pronounced vertical and horizontal modularity, shelves can come single or double wide.

Square doors in wood veneer, Italian melamine, leather with stitched frame, acrylic or backpainted acrylic can be fitted to the bookshelf, creating original asymmetric patterns.


MELAMINE BODY 3 cm thick

MODULARITY multiple of 40.7 cm

HEIGHT 44.8 – 85.8 – 126.8 – 167.8 – 208.8 – 249.8 – 290.8 cm

DEPTH 39.3 cm


MATERIALS Italian melamine, wood veneer, leather, acrylic and backpainted acrylic

Titano bookshelf 

Titano bookshelf finishes


Backpainted acrylic

Italian melamine


Wood veneer