Yammer UK

Yammer UK

Dealer: Progress Furnishing Systems , Kent

Year: 2014

Product: Atreo

Location: London, UK



Young style, creative environment, enormous success. All this happens in London.

Yammer is a dynamic company (now owned by Microsoft) placed in the English capitol, which provides social networking for corporates and other organizations. As every innovative brand, it deserves an innovative, inspiring work space. Welcoming, informal, playful, colorful, this is Yammer headquarter.

Height adjustable workstations, ability to move around, plug in and get wi-fi everywhere give a great customized use without any moving restriction. In the meeting rooms tables have an extra use – they are ping pong tables! For Yammer it’s all about making people extremly happy, relaxed and productive and they reach the goal perfectly with this contemporary and bright workspace.