Clerkenwell Design Week

Clerkenwell Design Week


This year Clerkenwell Design Week has been celebrating its 10th edition.

Clerkenwell is the quarter recognised as London’s Design District. In fact, the Clerkenwell Design Week festival was born to enhance the value of the quarter itself as well as the work done by various showrooms and the A+D community, based in this area of the city.

Throughout the 3 days, the atmosphere in Clerkenwell is really special. Events, meetings, installations and workshops are just some of the activities proposed to visitors, creating an incredibly artistic flair.


For the second year in a row, Alea was proud to take part in the event, with its showroom in the heart of the district, on 50-54 Clerkenwell Road, and with its beautiful terraces facing St.Paul and the City. In partnership with Luxy, the latest furnishing ideas were presented for 2019.

In line with current trends, Alea proposed various solutions generated by the union between geometric lines and natural elements, thanks also to the cooperation with Green Mood, a young Belgian company who have launched a new concept of green design in the international market.

Q18 is the product that best interprets this idea. In fact, it is a modular book shelving system, composed by an epoxy painted metal structure, able to furnish the work environment with a pleasant domestic feeling.


On Wednesday 22nd May, Alea and Luxy were also pleased to host a “Spritz & Cannoli Aperitif” event for their A&D partners, who had fun learning how to prepare Sicilian cannoli while enjoying the stunning view from the 3 terraces.


The feedback from visitors on displayed products and solutions was very positive throughout the event, which made the whole Alea team proud and very excited about a brilliant future to come.