Alea is focused on design-oriented collections, particularly appreciated by the A + D community.

Aiming at quality and innovation, Alea’s standard collections are characterized by their style and unique technical features.

Thanks to the increasing demand for tailored projects to be built in accordance with the specific needs of our clients, Alea has developed a division dedicated to accommodate these special projects. Our designers, with their talent and experience, have developed new products in cooperation with the most established and prestigious design firms all over the world. 

Our project development

Here is how we work


Initial informations
Layout, typicals, finishes, budget


Receive & interpret information
Analysis, share information with the technical department, continued client interaction/updates


Technical analysis of provided typical
Typical review, conversion of design typical to actual components, technical drawings


Mockup production
Production of mockup components, assembly at factory, shipment/delivery to client


Product production
Manufacturing, shipment & delivery


Post-sale support
We guarantee the best support after sale