eracle cover


Eracle is a blend of design and research into innovative materials which can be seen in its stunning aluminum legs with special profiled shapes that emulate rectilinear architectural elements.

An executive solution with stunning appeal that is sure to raise the bar for private offices and conference rooms.

Free standing desks with sculptured leg with mixed material elements for light and open feel.

We also offer a prism base support as an option. Legs and prism base can be combined in a single conference table configuration.

Leather wrapped with available cross stitching, to materials that are inlayed into the worksurfaces. Wire management + flip power access.


EDGE PROFILE 1/2” edge profile with chamfered contour

PRODUCT SEGMENTS Executive private offices, meeting tables, storage, wall hung architectural storage

MATERIALS Wood veneer, glass, leather, porcelain tiles, Italian melamine

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Italian melamine


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